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Don Matthews CZ World Championships.
To be held April, 24th, 2016, at E-Street MX, in
Marysville California. Below are some photos of
past DMCZWC events.
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How and why Don Matthews CZ
World Championships
Don Matthews is a legend in the Pacific
Northwest. He touched many lives of Vintage
Motocross people. His knowledge and love of
CZ motorcycles just glowed, in his face, as he
talked about them. This Group is for CZs and the
races we throw to honor him.

It all started with a sad e-mail from a friend. It
said that they were sorry to inform me of Don's
passing. The first thing I thought of was how
much Don had selflessly done for everyone, and
how we had not honored him for these things
while we could have. Just from my own
experience, I knew he had GIVEN many parts to
people within the Vintage racing
community,especially people trying to get their
CZs raceable. He had sponsored people on his
CZs. He had worked tirelessly on the adoption of
AHRMA's Early Sportsman class, so the bikes
between Classic and Sportsman could compete
and not be out gunned when they race. The
stories of how much he gave to the sport of
Era-Motocross both Vintage and Post Vintage
are the stuff legends are made of.
All these things were racing around my head when it
hit me, {Memorial Race} Not just any race but a race
where CZs of all years would be featured and
cherished, just as Don did. Don raced with many
clubs across the United States he raced everything
from his Twin Pipe to his beloved MayZee EVO
Hybrid. So I knew the event had to have these classes
available to compete all on the same day, for the
DMCZWC to fully honor Don, as I thought we should.

10 minutes after receiving the e-mail I was on the
phone to Dave Boydstun and Nancy Clements
Ferguson of AVDRA. This club has a Multi- era
program at all their events, and I knew that Don had
raced with them many times. Dave and Nancy Said

So in 2014 we had the inaugural Don Matthews CZ
World Championship. We had a BLAST! Don's Wife,
Sue Matthews came down from Oregon and Don's
Brother Eric Matthews came all the way down from
Washington state. Kevin Bridges the club Historian for
the Dirt Diggers North brought a panel of 6 Retired
DDN club members, past Scrambles and dirt riding
Champions and heroes to judge our CZ bike show.
Brad Lackey was there selling commemorative shirts
and awarded the Judges, appreciation plaques as
well as all the trophies to the CZ racers that day.
Robin Hannah Vmxr #960
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2016 Don Matthews CZ World Championships
April 24th Marysville Calif.              See details below
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