#1 Item one is the 1970 Movie Little Fauss and Big Halsy.                   
 Trivia. Lauren Hutton's first movie. Watch out with the kids. There is
a little nudity and language. The race scenes are very cool. Set in
1970 the old boots, gloves, helmets,Jeans, Jump suits are all there! I
am recieving these in small batches at first til I see how many to keep
on hand so bear with me at first. There are early Yamahas
everywhere. You'll see At1/Dt1/Rt1/TD250s and many vintage bikes
featured in this movie. The acting  is good and many scenes were      
filmed on the Central California coast or at Sears Point Raceway.
Inside the US $16          
Outside US $20
vintage mx racer
Free "On Track"Helmetcam     
Video at the Bottom of the page
Sandhill Ahrma National 3/15/08  
Take a lap around the track in two
parts. Part one has the start and
the first half of the lap. Part 2 has
the other half and finsh.
Livermore AVDRA National
5/11/08 at ClubMoto Practice.
Lap one. Lap2. On a 400 CZ
Avdra Regional E St.Marysville
Ahrma Regional Argyle Dixon   
Ahrma PV Regional Dixon         
Avdra National Fernley Nev.
Team SuperHunky
Racing Jersey, Which includes Your space on the team
Roster and your own TSH picture page and link from the
roster only    $25.00 U.S                $32.00 outside
Ahrma PV Regional Burnt Ridge
Onalaska Wash. 8/9/08
Ahrma Vintage National
Chehalis Classic, Wash 8/10/08
Avdra Regional Argyle, Dixon
California 9/7/08
Ahrma Vintage MX National
Hollister Calif  10/12/08
Ahrma National Vintage mx  
Tulare Calif. 11/9/08
The first two videos are notchy and kind of strange looking . You can see the track and all, but you have to bare with me, I
was learning how to edit video and got the tranfer rate wrong when I saved the video to my computer. The rest of the videos
are of good quality but do take some time to download 3-5 min they are worth the wait. The sound and picture are really
good. Enjoy Robin Hannah #960
I could say you should buy the book of a Baja 1000 4whl   drive class 14
winner or a 3 consecutive time Vet Expert    District 37 Motocross Champion.
How about a book    written by a Motorcycle Industry insider with knowledge
of  factory Mx stars,  bikes, factories. Or a book full of back  stories, about
how the Best Magazine ever to cover Dirt Bikes, and how it got it's start.
What about a book full of desert racer stories? Any One of these books would
be would be a good read and value. Rick Sieman has accomplished all of the
above and written it down in his 640 page book "Monkey Butt !" Informative,
entertaining, and just so funny, I couldn't put it down. This book is now
available at <vintagemxracer.com> for $20.00 + s&h approx $25 in the U.S.
or see me at the races                    Robin Hannah # 960
Works Bike, whats so special? What's the difference? You've seen the
specs, but has anyone walked you around a works bike and shown you what
makes it so special? If you buy this book Terry Good and Motocross
Champions and Personalities from all over the globe, will. To walk
around 20 History making Bikes, being mentored, by the Great men that
Broke records with them, and to have Industry insiders point the
significant differences,of these works specials from production bikes,
is priceless. Yet, Terry Goode has made  all this, availlable to Guys and
Gals like us, for 30 bucks. Scream'n deal, Robin Hannah #960
The "Case Hat" Series
I'm sure you've see it a hundred times. A lame, Parrot colored
logo of your favorite, race bike brand, on a hat or shirt. You buy
it anyway, because it is your bike's Marque, and you want to
show what you ride. VMXR has decided to make hats with the
logos right off the engine cases, of the bikes you race. They
are high quality, adjustable, BLACK hats, (to survive the shop)
machine embroidered, in silver thread to simulate the cases,
these hats honor. Available in "Flexfit" for $5.00 More   
Inside the U.S use the top button        
$17.50 + $5 Shipping+handling in the U.S.
Just use Paypal, it's easy click Buy Now
Free"OnTrack" helmetcam video   Go ahead take a Lap
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$17.50+ $11.50 Shipping and handling
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Outside US
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