Hats for Sale
I'm sure you've see it a hundred
times. A lame, Parrot colored
logo of your favorite, race bike
brand, on a hat or shirt.
You buy it anyway, because it is
your bike's Marque, and you
want to show what you ride.
 CZrider.com,has decided to
make hats with the logos right off
the engine cases, of the bikes
you race. So we scanned the
mag cover of a CZ and came up
with this ....
They are high quality, adjustable,
BLACK hats,
(to survive the shop)
machine embroidered, in silver
thread to simulate the cases,
these hats honor.
Above^^^ Eric Matthews says
since he started wearing his
CZ "Mag" hat, this happens to
him a lot at VMX races
Inside the U.S $25
free Shipping
Outside the U.S $32
free Shipping